ACADEMIC DOOMSDAY IS NIGH! Use this playlist to survive.

20 Apr

Okay, yes, from now until the end of the school year in two weeks or so (maybe?  I don’t know what day it is, help me), me and the other Chickz will probably be suh-lammed with work – writing and studying and essaying and researching until our eyes bleed.  And right now I should be writing a screenplay and then also a lit paper and a “reflective essay,” and I should be packing things to take home this weekend so when I move out soon there will be less to take and maybe I should also go to the store and do laundry, and obviously I’m not doing any of those things because I’m typing this instead.  But I will take time out of my packed schedule (it wouldn’t be packed if I wasn’t a procrastinator, but such is the way of the world) to give you two things:

1.)  A big ol’ THANKS!  Thanks to everyone who has supported the Chicklitz, by reading our blog and coming to our reading and buying our chapbook, etc.  You rock, and you should know that about yourselves.

2.)  THIS PLAYLIST THAT I AM MAKING FOR ALL YOUR LATE NIGHT STUDYING NEEDS!  (And yes, Elysia and Lindsey, I stole this idea from Autostraddle, but NO1CURR.)

I am designing it to optimize creativity, brain waves, intelligence, awareness, etc.  So grab that can of Red Bull and your headphones and let’s DO THIS.  You can stream the mix HERE (do it, I worked so hard on it), or click on individual links for YouTube videos.

Let’s start off with the theme song for procrastination:  “It’s Too Late” by Carole King. Pretend it’s not a love/break-up song.  You’re singing it about your homework.  Seriously, it works.

Now let’s wake you up a bit, get the brain juices flowing.

“Barbra Streisand” – Duck Sauce

I can’t be held responsible if this song gets stuck in your head for the rest of the night.  It’s worth it, anyway.

“Rill Rill” – Sleigh Bells

“Intergalactic” – Beastie Boys

“Heart of Glass” – Blondie

This is a good song to get your groove on to in your desk chair, and still think about what you’re going to write because it’s not like you can follow along with the lyrics!  (Seriously, Blondie, what are you saying?)

The Devil is in the Beats” – The Chemical Brothers

“Power” – Kanye West

I didn’t know you had so much power… BRAIN power.  Get your academic swag on.

Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix)” – Adele (ft. Childish Gambino)

Okay, now take a lip-sync break.  I like to do this when I’m writing.  Check your Facebook and let this play, maybe sing into a hairbrush.  It’s great and you’re going to feel AWESOME if you do it.  I prefer the Supremes, because the power of Diana Ross compels me to write better.  Maybe a little Madonna.  I can do all things through Madonna who strengthens me.

“You Keep Me Hanging On” – The Supremes

“Borderline” – Madonna

Now shut up, because you need to get back to work.  You might feel a little bit like cruising Tumblr for an hour now, but DON’T DO IT.  Minimize that browser… I’m serious.

“Fame” – David Bowie

“Hella Good” – No Doubt

Okay, now that you’re back in the groove, you should probably really getcha head in the game.  So let’s mellow it out a bit (and yes, this is what I consider more “mellow”).

“I’m Amazed” – My Morning Jacket

And yes, if you want to take a moment to be amazed at your paper writing skills, you get on with your bad self.

“Walk on the Wild Side” – Lou Reed

“Brandy” – Looking Glass

Just be sure not to type “doo doo’n doo doo, doo’n doo-do” into your paper while listening to this song.

“Paper Bag” – Fiona Apple

“Us” – Regina Spektor

They’re going to build a statue of you if you finish this paper on time.

“Finch on Saturday” – Horse Feathers

“Wonder” – Natalie Merchant

“Islands” – The xx

Okay, now you’re maybe reaching the end of this shiz.  Hopefully.  Either way, you need a little something extra.

“Making Time” – Creation

“Roadrunner” – Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers

“You Know I’m No Good” – Amy Winehouse

“Tightrope” – Janelle Monae (ft. Big Boi)

“Don’t Stop Me Now” – Queen

“Standing in the Way of Control” – The Gossip

And now, finally, you’re done (hypothetically).  It’s not just a dream.  You’ve done it.

“Don’t Dream It’s Over” – Crowded House

I hope you enjoy it, and that it works.  If not, well then, what songs do you listen to when you stay up all night, you ungrateful peon?  Just kidding.  I love you.


2 Responses to “ACADEMIC DOOMSDAY IS NIGH! Use this playlist to survive.”

  1. elysiasmith April 20, 2011 at 11:29 am #

    I love this. I don’t care if you copied autostraddle. This play list is fantastic!
    Good job.

    • leeraloo April 20, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

      Thanks! I meant it to be something I just made really quick and moved on to other work, but HOLY GOD, this took me forever to make. I’m glad you like it. YOU BETTER LIKE IT.

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