Sweet Things

28 Mar

First thing’s first:  our lady Ashley slam dunked at the Vouched Presents reading in Indy on Saturday.  She was funny, heartfelt, and even read by candlelight/eager volunteer-held flashlight during observation of Earth Hour 2011.  I wish we’d made out in the dark afterward.  For the environment.


I’m also pumped about xTx’s Normally Special, which I bought at the reading, being added to my ever-expanding need-to-read list.  Here’s the fifth story of the book, and just — yes.  I’m anxious to dig into more of that loveliness.


And, my goodness, in just a few days I’m gonna be napping in a van with Elysia, Tyler Gobble, and Jeremy Bauer on our way to the Slash Pine Festival at the University of Alabama.  We’ll have the privilege of reading some of our poetry as part of an undergraduate creative writing exchange, like how the good folks from Bama endured the Muncie cold and read at Ball State.  Thanks to a lot of really generous, awesome people who have both donated and promoted online, as of writing this we’re less than $60 away from meeting our Kickstarter fundraising goal to cover food and lodging.  Check it out and consider giving if you haven’t already.  Thanks big bunches.


sweetie cake sweetie pie
now would you look at that

One Response to “Sweet Things”

  1. thenerdynegress March 28, 2011 at 11:40 am #

    Thanks for the shouts, LayneyBaby and let’s get one thing straight: Cake is delicious.

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