An Inventory:

25 Jan

This is what my desk is like:

And, I wanted to share it because sometimes I wonder if all the weird objects that make a home on that shiny faux wood surface ever affect my writing.

I have been thinking this for a while.

Here is an inventory of things on my desk.

Various and adorable salt and pepper shakers, including but not limited to: bananas, cows, mice with maracas, tiny wooden rolling pins, painted wooden shakers from mexico.

DVDs, mostly black and white movies or Bennie and Joon.

Books, mostly gifts, all well read. I don’t allow books I haven’t read to sit on my desk. I prefer old friends I know I love to new friends I’m unsure about (cheesy? Whatever.)

A melted record shaped to hold all my stationary.

My glasses.

An air freshener I hid on my roommate’s bed for a few weeks (she recently found it and questioned me. I kept my cool).

Sad Indian Woman. (My writing goddess/muse). I never know what she is thinking.

Coffee beans and a grinder (necessary to life).

A tape player and various mixes of jazz or swing. (It is my free write music. Makes my heart pump gory.)

Also: pinned/taped to the wall are an array of presents. This list includes but is not limited to: a drawing of myself–that doesn’t look like me–by an ex, a pin-up girl calendar, a photo of a bear with George Bilgere quote on it, pictures of my family and best friend (ie family), black and white photos of people I don’t know that I found at an antique store (I don’t like thinking that everyone who ever loved those people is probably dead.), lastly, a sign that reads, “You are right where you need to be.” (sometimes I forget and panic).

Really, I have been wanting to do this post for a long time. My desk is all my tangible inspiration. I sit and stare at those objects when I come up with some of my best ideas, and some of my worst. I wonder what other people’s desks look like. For example, I have a friend who is a minimalist. His desk is literally a coffee mug of pens and his computer and a plant. Where he is trim and tidy, I am whirlwind of ornaments and useless nostalgic junk. I am clean, but cluttered. Others are dirty but bare. What do your desks look like, Chickz? Readers?

Do you write at your desks, or just put off writing? Are your desks useful or ornamental?

Describe with words if y’all want OR send me pictures…that’d be tight. And, I’ll share them with my next post!

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4 Responses to “An Inventory:”

  1. leeraloo January 25, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    I have a basket full of papers and junk and miscellany that I rarely use because when I pull one thing out of it, a bunch of things fall out. I have a little set of plastic drawers that have highlighters and pens and pencils and whatnot in them. I have a fan. I usually have a random stack of books there. On my desk chair, there is almost always a pile of clothing that I move to my bed when I sit at the desk (which I usually only do to eat or do some book binding). There are shelves on the sides of my desk, filled with art supplies, book binding junk, and some large old photo books. Above my desk are corkboards with pictures, postcards and an outline of my hand that I colored and cut out. Above those corkboards is a license plate that says “Shalom Y’all – Louisville, Kentucky.” I found it in a thrift store in – YOU GUESSED IT! – Louisville, Kentucky. I would take a picture, but I don’t own a working camera, so… that’s not happenin’.

  2. Layne Ransom January 26, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

    I don’t even really have a desk right now; the closest thing is my dresser, which is covered in all sorts of junk.

    From having had a desk before – a piece of furniture sitting around specifically to write on, store writing things, things that are supposed to help me write – I’ve realized that having a desk kinda stresses/weirds me out. It’s like, “Hey Layne, you’re supposed to write things on me,” and I’m like, “I think we should see other people.” I work better sitting on my carpet with a bag of Doritos and cinnamon applesauce (do I dip one into the other? THE ANSWER IS YES) with whatever song sounds right for that day played on repeat. Gets me to a nice trance-ish place.

  3. thenerdynegress January 27, 2011 at 1:07 am #

    I write and read from my futon, but I sew and draw at my desk. I’ll send you a picture. What a fun idea, Lysi!

  4. Tyler January 27, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Hey. This is cool!

    My desk is sweet.

    So is Pete Davis’:

    I think you are reading Amelia Gray in your flash class (I COULD BE WRONG):

    And of course, you’ll like this one:

    Keep up the cool posts!

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