Yo, This is Elysia On the Mike

14 Dec

I figured I’d take my first post here to introduce myself a bit.

Lately, I have been spending mass amounts of time with my fellow Chicklitz and while I knew two of the girls—Layne and Ashley—from Writer’s Community, I am still getting to know the rest. Really, I’m not like following a trend or anything, but these girls simply blow up my world with their awesome creativity and genius and things like wisdom. I am stunned that they haven’t been snatched up and offered to the Gods as proof that beauty can coexist with smarts. And, I am sad that I am only now befriending these babes. But, life turns onward and we have created this social media “empire”, thanks to the talented Ashley Ford, which we intend to be our platform for not only the encouragement of brilliant female writers but the promotion of friendship.

So, I guess I’ll get to that “ME-ME-ME” business of introduction. Let’s be fair, we’re writers—on the inside, we’re all tiny, mustachioed narcissists.

Things I should probably talk about in this post: what I read, what I write, how I write, etc.

Things I would have talked about had I not made a list of priorities (see above list of priorities): my affinity for cats and New Orleans, and how I sometimes do the running man in public places.

Once, when I was little, my dad had to buy a suit for a job interview. He took me with him to Sears where I wandered off. They found me in front of a three-way mirror pretending to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I was talking to the Scarecrow, Tin-man, and Lion—each a panel of the mirror. This is an example of why I should not be left alone. Just kidding. This is an example of why I started writing. I used to explain it to people by saying this: “So, I have a lot of voices in my head…like the ‘not-creepy ones’, and I have to write them down or I go nuts.” That is still true, only the voices have become more like full on day dreams. I can spend an afternoon imagining a story and until I write it down, I am basically a non-functioning member of society.

While, I used to believe that I would only ever write fiction, or only ever be good at writing fiction, I learned from Sean Lovelace and Michael Meyerhofer not to limit myself. In fact, these Chicklitz have also helped me to expand my writing. Last school year, I took a class with Sean Lovelace where I discovered flash fiction. From there I began writing prose poems and from there, lineated poems. My first publication (here) was a flash piece and my second publication (here) was a prose poem/flash piece.

I have learned this year, that one of the key ingredients in good writing is good friends to read, edit, and reread your pieces. Without people like the Chicklitz, Tyler Gobble (his blog is here), my best friend: Natalie White, and my roommate when I can trap her long enough, I would never have progressed this far. Also, those same people have broadened my reading horizon.

In high school, or maybe I should say in public, I read things like For Whom the Bell Tolls, Anna Karenina and Huck Finn. While in private, I read books by Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Piccoult and even Norah Roberts (insert shame here). I never experimented with reading contemporary short fiction or poetry. In fact I was sure I wouldn’t like either.

When I came to college, I began attending Writer’s Community and was introduced to various wonderful writers. Now, my list of favorites includes but is not limited to: Jack Kerouac, Arthur Rimbaud, Amy Hempel, Dorothy Parker, George Bilgere, Tony Hoagland, Rita Dove, Toni Morrison, Marie Howe, Sylvia Plath, Vladimir Nabokov, etc.

Of course, I am always looking for new reading material so feel free to post suggestions in the comment box below. And, that sums up this post for today, now it’s back to studying for an Astronomy final. Boo.


2 Responses to “Yo, This is Elysia On the Mike”

  1. Tyler December 14, 2010 at 3:04 pm #

    Cool post/intro.

    That’s a nice little story about suit shopping with your dad.


    I’m so stoked you dig the Hempel. Have you tried on Raymond Carver in a collection yet?


    Also Hempel-related, I know he is frowned upon but Chuck Palahniuk has an excellent essay in his nonfiction collection about Hempel. Something to check out.

    Since you’ve been writing about NO and NO-related things, I’m interested to see how that works once you move down there. Maybe, we’ll get a bunch of Muncie-inspired things. Haha.

    Keep it going.

  2. thenerdynegress December 14, 2010 at 10:55 pm #

    Go Lysi! Go Lysi!

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